Water is one of planet Earth's most important natural resources. It's a liquid that falls from the sky, is pulled from deep in the ground, flows as rivers and streams, pours out of faucets, and takes the shape of everything it fills—from gaping holes in the ground that turn into bodies of water, to actual human bodies. In its purest form, it's odorless and tasteless. And when it's used to make the chipotle pepper adobo marinade that we use to bathe our tender steak and chicken overnight before it lands on the grill, it combines with the meats’ own juices and helps the smoky spiciness to be absorbed and the flavor to permeate the meat, creating one delicious bite after another in your burrito. It's also the only drink at the soda machine that you can get for free when you've splurged on extra guac because, hey, we get it.

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